Mint's Journal

2/24/2021: // Welcome to my journal!

Hi, admin here. I started this project because I felt nostalgic for the internet of my childhood. I don't have a very good reason for studying basic web design, just felt an urge to try. I don't think it looks too bad, but hopefully no one I know will find it. Using VSC to journal looks cool. A handwritten journal is more elegant but the slower speed gives my pen hand too much time to change its mind. It makes me too self conscious to really spill my guts. So, for better or worse here is my new journal, digital this time.


What kinda things will I talk about here? I'd like to track my reading, creative projects, and progress in my studies. I want to crush the GRE later this year and when the application cycle begins for grad schools in the fall, I wanna mf crush them too. I made another page last night called which I intend to use as a more professional academic/artist blog. It lives on my PC for now. Sounds like a lot to keep up with, but the academic one won't be updated often. I'd just like to have it on my CV.

It would be pretty sick to git gud and make a website for my workplace (a tattoo shop) and my artistic endeavors (bands with 10-20 listeners worldwide).

This catch-all blog is gonna be my pet design project, though. Here's to curating the kind of weird place I'd have loved to stumble on back in the day.

Currently Reading

Ulysses by James Joyce
(On episode 14 "Oxen of the Sun")